International Drug Prevention Foundationis a tool to HELP you

International Drug Prevention Foundation is a tool to HELP you in the combat and prevention of drugs.

If you know of anyone that uses drugs and wishes to help them, we provide informational materials as to how to approach it. Contact us for assistance. Please contact us by email at

All materials and assistance are free of charge for drug users and their families.

If you need Medical, Psychological, Criminal and Financial assistance, we will seek to meet your needs to the best of our ability.

IDPF encourages you to act, by contacting us today.

Please contact us at
Telephone: 508.405.5747
Fax: 978.854.5973
Address: 500 Broadway, Suite 2124
Malden, MA 02144



IDPF’s approach contains a three level solution for drug use, it covers education and prevention, specially within the school system, treatment and rehabilitation.